Metropolitan State University Bookstore

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Phone: 651-793-1670;

fax: 651-793-1676;

The bookstore is on the first floor of the Library and Learning Center at the Saint Paul Campus. Personal local checks are accepted for the amount of the purchase with proper photo identification. Third party checks, starter checks and checks prewritten for second party use are not accepted.

Have course codes ready when you arrive or call the bookstore. Texts are arranged alpha-numerically by the subject, number and section (such as ACCT 310-02). Do not use the registration codes (000198). Different sections use different texts, so be sure to have all three parts to your course codes.

Bookstore Return Policy

Save yourself money-save your original receipt.
  • Non-textbook items in resalable condition may be returned for a full refund or exchanged with the original receipt.

  • Photo student ID is required.

  • Textbooks in resalable condition may be returned for a full refund with receipt within 10 calendar days from the start of the class for which the books were purchased or within three calendar days of purchase thereafter, including summer term.

  • Textbooks purchased during the last week of classes or during exams may be sold back under the textbook buyback policy.

  • Computer software/electronics in resalable condition may be returned for a full refund if it is unopened and shrink-wrapped with the original receipt.

  • Upon proof of a dropped course, textbooks in resalable condition may be returned for a full refund up to the end of the official drop/add period.

  • Always have the original sales receipt available and student ID/driver's license.

  • Make sure new books have not been written in or underlined/highlighted.

  • Make sure shrink-wrapped "sets" are returned with all of the enclosures and packaging. (Be careful before opening shrink-wrapped sets; many contain electronic media and are returnable only if defective.)

  • Online eFollett orders: your packing slip is your receipt. You need your packing slip with the barcode and your credit card for a refund.

Used book buying prices are always available if your return is outside of these guidelines.

Textbook buybacks are based on the needs of the bookstore and the national text market. If a book is being used for a current class and the bookstore needs it for stock, students will receive 50 percent of their purchase price. If the text is not currently being used/needed at the bookstore, the price is determined based on a national market value, usually 10-33 percent. Old editions do not have any market value. The bookstore cannot quote buyback prices or need over the phone. To sell texts, students must bring them to the bookstore during open business hours. A student photo ID is required.