Metropolitan State University provides a required online orientation program for newly admitted students. This orientation session must be completed prior to course registration.

Additionally, all students are encouraged to attend the on-campus group advising and registration session.

During online orientation, students are introduced to academic and student services and programs. The orientation session helps students understand their role and responsibilities as part of a vibrant community of learners and provides information about Metropolitan State's many involvement opportunities. Online orientation consists of six different modules for you to complete (Get Connected, Pay for College, Ensure your Success, Plan Your Program, Register and the Quiz). Orientation includes videos on Title IX and quizzes.  After you complete online orientation, you must take a comprehensive final quiz on the content in the modules. After the quiz you need to take a survey to get credit for completing the online orientation. Online orientation does not need to be completed in one session; you can start and stop and revisit the site at your convenience. It may take up to three business days to verify the successful completion of online new student orientation. You then receive a notification to your e-mail account confirming your completion. Once you receive the notification you are allowed to register for your courses.

What is the on-campus group advising and registration session? At this session, you can expect to receive: in depth program information, group advising, open course registration, opportunities to meet staff and faculty, information about student support services and the opportunity to get your student ID and tour the campus.

On-campus group advising and registration sessions are hosted on the Saint Paul Campus and typically last about three hours. This session is encouraged for all students and required for all students admitted with fewer than 16 semester credits and those admitted on academic warning.

More information, including how to register for an online/on campus Orientation session.

METRO 101 Your Academic Journey

The METR 101 Your Academic Journey course is required for all students who enter the university with fewer than 16 semester credits. Students with fewer than 30 semester credits, or students who have been away from college for some time, are also strongly encouraged to enroll.