Campus Crime Report: Each year the Safety Office creates and publishes an Annual Campus Security Report offering three years of campus crime statistics. The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act requires that this report includes crime categories relating to homicides, sex offences (forcible and non-forcible), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, liquor/drug/weapon offences, domestic and dating violence, stalking and hate crimes, or crimes of prejudice.

This report further includes, but is not limited to, policies on emergency response/evacuations/notifications, safety programs, sexual harassment/assault and violence, mental health, victim advocacy/rights, institutional discipline and prevention and education programs to follow in response to criminal activities. Information relating to the notification of registered sex offenders that are enrolled or employed by this university can be obtained by visiting Minnesota Department of Corrections Level 3 Sex Offender Information.

The Metropolitan State End of Year Crime Report is located at the Safety and Security Office web site. It can also be obtained in a hard-copy form from the safety literature display cases in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and Midway locations, or from the Security Office in Founders Hall on the Saint Paul Campus. Upon request to 651-793-1725, it can be mailed out to students, prospective students and employees. It is also available in alternative formats through Disability and Special Services at 651-793-1549.

Cancellations: Cancellations due to weather or other occurrences are announced on WCCO Radio AM 830 and WCCO Television Ch. 4; KSTP Television Ch. 5; and KARE 11 Television and are posted on Metropolitan State's Web site.

Breathe Free: This is a reminder that Metropolitan State's Saint Paul Campus is smoke and tobacco-free. Questions regarding the policy can be directed to or Dan Hambrock, associate vice president of facilities at 651-793-1712.

More information, including FAQs and smoking cessation resources, is available by following the link Smoke and Tobacco Free Policy.