Students are ultimately responsible for all tuition and fees connected with their registration. Students who have not paid their tuition and have not made arrangements (such as receiving financial aid) to pay their tuition by the tuition payment deadline are administratively dropped from their courses.

Accounts for students who have made partial payment but who have remaining balances at the end of the term are turned over to the Minnesota Department of Revenue for collection.

Students are responsible for paying their tuition and fees in full by the tuition payment deadline. Invoices are no longer sent to students through the mail. Students should access their Student e-Services (SeS) account on the Web. If classes are added after the tuition payment deadline, payment must be received the same day. Students who do not pay by midnight of the day they register are dropped the following day.

A student's tuition obligation for a term is based upon the number and type of credits for which a student is enrolled.

Tuition and Fees 2016-2017

Note: All tuition and fees are subject to change. Courses may be audited. Students are charged tuition and fees for audited courses.


Resident Tuition (per credit)*

Undergraduate $218.78
Graduate $359.24
Doctoral (Nursing) $889.24
Doctoral (DBA) $924.77
Nonresident Tuition (per credit)*                                                                                                                                          
Undergraduate $446.38
Graduate $718.48
Special Courses Tuition (per credit)                                                                                                                                     
Online Undergraduate** $292.05
Online Graduate** $472.48
Nursing Undergraduate Resident and Nonresident $286.02
Nursing Dental Hygiene (BS) $286.02
Nursing Graduate Resident and Nonresident $465.97
Nursing Oral Health Care Practitioner Resident and Nonresident $465.67
Nursing WOC Specialty Courses $550.00
Law Enforcement Skills Course $432.05
Prior Learning Assessments Undergraduate $131.25
Prior Learning Assessments Graduate $215.54
Student Designed Independent Studies Undergraduate $153.13
Student Designed Independent Studies Graduate $251.47



Activity Fee (up to 16 credits) $4 per credit
Student Center Fee (up to 16 credits) $8.50 per credit
Computer Fee (up to 16 credits) $6 per credit
MSUSA Fee $0.43 per credit
Parking Ramp Fee $12 per credit
Student Health Services Fee (Effective Spring 2016) $2.50 per credit
Other Fees
Graduate Application Fee $20
Doctoral Application Fee $40
Graduation Fee $20
NSF Check Fee $20
Rush Transcript Fee (next day) $13
Online Transcript Fee $5
Transcript Fee $8
Senior Citizens (per credit)*** $20
Tuition Late Fee $30
Additional Course and Lab Fees vary
Noncredit Workshops Fees vary
Payment Plan Fees vary
Replacement ID Fees vary


*Audited courses are charged standard tuition and fee rates.

**Tuition rate includes $5 online course fee.

***Minnesota residents 62 years of age or older may register for courses on a space-available basis upon payment of this per credit fee in lieu of standard tuition. Independent studies, theory seminars, internship sand priors are not available at the special rate. This per credit fee will be waived for seniors auditing courses (taking the course for no credit or grade). Contact if you are auditing and would like the fee waived.