Classroom Safety

Some Metropolitan State employees, students or guests may exhibit anger and violence as a result of difficulties and frustrations within our environment, emotional or psychological struggles, or fear and anxiety over unknown influences. Threats, intimidation and harassment are not tolerated at Metropolitan State University and should not be accepted within the classroom, office or public areas.

Anyone witnessing abuse should feel empowered to respond to the abuser in a professional manner appropriate to your comfort level. Allowing abusers to demonstrate threatening behaviors without a corrective response may validate their conduct and create an environment for continued abuse. The safety officers, administration or the Police Department may also be contacted to support efforts associated with mitigating abusive behaviors. The following items may offer support during these situations.

  • Rehearse ahead of time what you would say or do in these situations.
  • Respond to the individual in a calm/firm manner letting them know how you feel.
  • If you anticipate problems with an individual, let safety know ahead of time.
  • If you feel you may be in jeopardy, leave the area. Go somewhere safe and notify the safety officer.

Fire Drills

The purpose of fire drills is to prepare building occupants for an organized evacuation in case of a fire or other emergency. The Safety Director shall be responsible for developing protocols and procedures for building evacuations, the coordination of the fire drills and the evaluation of the drills and adequacy of evacuation plans. More information...

General Evacuation Instructions

  • All building occupants shall evacuate the building when the fire alarm sounds.
  • It is a violation of the state law for failure not to leave the building or to prevent another person from leaving when the alarm is sounds.
  • Elevators should not be used during evacuation.
  • An outside location may be designated for building occupants to assemble following the evacuation. This location should be away from the main entrance at least 100 feet or may include another building on campus.

NOTE: Mobility impaired individuals are to report to elevator lobbies as a safe haven to wait for assistance from the responding fire department and/or safety officer. Able-bodied individuals may notify fire fighters and the Safety and Security Office of the location of those individuals and, as appropriate, their attendant.