Emergencies and Crimes

The R U Ready website is a one-stop source for safety alerts and offers valuable information on a variety of emergency preparation procedures. You will always be able to find the latest alert information with just a single click on the university's website.

Medical rescue, fire and police should be contacted during an emergency by dialing 9-911 from inside the Minneapolis and Saint Paul campuses, and the Midway Centers. Safety Officers and/or municipal police and emergency personnel will respond to emergencies occurring in facilities used by the university. After calling 9-911 it is important that you contact the safety officer at that location to assist in the emergency. 

Safety / Escort Services

University safety officers are available to assist you in protecting yourself by providing regular foot patrols, safety and security alerts and notices, as well as various safety and security posters and brochures. However, only you can protect yourself by being aware of your surroundings and taking appropriate steps in preventing crime from happening. Call for an escort, for example, to and from the parking areas on the Minneapolis and Saint Paul campuses, and the Midway Center.

Security Service Contact Numbers

Saint Paul Campus

  • Safety Desk: 651-793-1717
    • Cell Phone: 651-775-0444

  • Library and Learning Center Cell: 651-775-0715

Midway Center

  • Cell Phone 651-775-6122

Minneapolis Campus

  • Non-emergency: 612-659-6910

  • Emergency: 612-659-6900

Any safety interests or concerns should be reported to the Director of Safety and Security at 651-793-1725.

Crime Report

Each year the Safety and Security Office creates and publishes an annual Campus Crime Report offering three years of campus crime statistics. The Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act requires that this report includes crime categories relating to homicides, sex offenses (forcible and non-forcible), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, liquor/drug/weapon offenses and hate crimes or crimes of prejudice.

This report further includes policies relating to emergency response and evacuations, emergency notifications, safety programs and procedures to follow in response to criminal activities. Information relating to the notification of registered sex offenders that are enrolled or employed by this university can be obtained by visiting the MN Department of Corrections Level 3 Sex Offender Information (external site).

The Metropolitan State University Campus Safety Report is located online. It can also be obtained in a hard-copy form from the safety literature display cases in Saint Paul, Minneapolis and Midway campuses, or from the Security Office in Founders Hall on the Saint Paul campus. Upon request to 651-793-1725, it can be mailed out to students, perspective students and employees. It is also available in alternative formats through the Center for Accessibility Resources at 651-793-1540 or 651-772-7687 (TTY).