Recipients of financial aid must meet a number of requirements in order to maintain eligibility. These requirements include, but are not limited to, the annual submission of FAFSA, course degree applicability and meeting the university's satisfactory progress requirements.

The Financial Aid Office has more information on a student's rights and responsibilities with respect to financial aid as well as important deadlines and disbursement dates.

Federal Direct Loans are included in the Award Letter provided students have eligibility. However, since borrowing is a choice, no loans are ever disbursed without further action by the student. The Student Loan Acceptance must be completed online at least annually indicating the amount the student wishes to borrow for specific academic terms.

You will receive an email from Gateway Student Services regarding the Bookstore Credit Program. All registered students without active holds on their accounts are eligible to charge up to $750 for textbooks and required supplies that will be repaid through financial aid or in accordance with the university's payment deadlines.

Helpful Financial Aid Hints:
  • Complete the FAFSA early in the spring for the following fall academic term start. A good goal is to complete the FAFSA just after filing your federal or state income tax return. Students who complete the FAFSA well into the summer for a fall term start may run into processing delays and thus, delayed disbursements or lack of a Bookstore Credit.
  • Read and respond to all correspondence from the Metropolitan State University Financial Aid Office. Generally, the Financial Aid Office sends requests for additional information either by U.S. Post or email using your account. The faster you respond to requests, the faster the Financial Aid Office can process your aid.
  • When applying for admission or financial aid, use your legal name and permanent address. This will help you navigate the financial aid process a little easier.
  • If you intend to enroll for the entire academic year (fall and spring terms) and are going to take out a Federal Direct Loan, you can complete the Student Loan Acceptance online form for the entire year and save yourself a step prior to the start of the spring term. Your loan proceeds will be divided in equal disbursements for each term.
  • Students who are going to attend in the summer and have completed a FAFSA (as well as any other materials we request), will just need to register for courses and a Summer Award will be calculated within a few days, provided eligibility still exists. Students who wish to take out a student loan for summer must complete the Student Loan Acceptance indicating the amount and checking the summer term box.
  • Upon admission, your transfer credits from all previously attended institutions prior will be estimated. Subsequent to admission, your transcripts from all previously attended institutions will be fully evaluated for transferability to Metropolitan State via an Interactive Degree Audit/DARS Report. The estimated transfer credits may be higher or lower than the actual number of credits transferred, therefore causing a change in the amount of a student loan you are eligible to receive.