The intention of the Academic Standing Policy (#2050) and Academic Standing Procedure (#205) is to encourage students encountering academic difficulty to take the necessary steps to succeed in their courses and complete their degree.

This policy and procedure were last updated in November 2011.

What is Good Academic Standing?

To be in Good Academic Standing, your cumulative Metropolitan State GPA must be 2.0 or higher, and your cumulative Metropolitan State completion rate, including credits transferred, is 67% or higher. These standards may change without notice if required by changes in Financial Aid Academic Progress policy.

What happens if I'm not in Good Academic Standing?

If your cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 and/or cumulative completion rate falls below 67%, you will be placed on Academic Warning status. Also, note that a GPA of 2.0 or higher is required for graduation. If you do not meet the standards for Good Academic Standing at the end of your next term of registration, you will be Suspended for academic reasons.

How do I get out of Academic Warning status?

You must return to Good Academic Standing at the end of your next semester of registration. The notification you are sent when you are placed on Academic Warning will contain detailed information on next steps, which include:

While you are on Academic Warning, you must meet with your academic advisor to receive approval to register for future terms. If you do not return to Good Academic Standing within the timeframe, you will be suspended for academic reasons. For more information, review Academic Standing Policy (#2050).

What happens if I am Suspended for academic reasons?

Suspended students cannot register for classes at Metropolitan State University. Suspended students are sent information on the procedure to appeal the suspension. Suspended students who are registered for a following term and who do not successfully appeal will be dropped from their classes and any tuition and fees paid for the upcoming term(s) will be refunded.

Suspended students who do not appeal successfully cannot register for at least three semesters. Reinstatement from academic suspension is not automatic. Students requesting reinstatement from academic suspension must submit a written request to the office of the Dean of their college at least 60 days before the beginning of the term they wish to return.

NOTE: Students requesting reinstatement after not registering for nine semesters or more must request readmission to the university.

Students who successfully appeal their academic suspension or are reinstated after academic suspension are placed on Academic Probation and notified of the terms they must meet to return to continue on Academic Probation until they meet the terms to return to Good Academic Standing.

Are Academic Standing and Financial Aid Academic Progress requirements the same thing?

No. Although the GPA and completion rate requirements for Good Academic Standing and to be eligible to receive financial aid are the same, these are different policies and procedures and financial aid has additional criteria. The processes for appealing academic Suspension and for appealing Financial Aid Suspension are completely separate.


Cumulative GPA – The Metropolitan State GPA is calculated based on courses taught by Metropolitan State and also includes Consortium Agreement courses from other Minnesota State schools posted to the Metropolitan State transcript. The GPA is calculated for courses with grades of A-F. Grades of S, NC, W, AU, IP and missing grades ("Z") are not included in the GPA calculation.

Cumulative Completion – This rate is computed by dividing the number of credits successfully completed by the number of credits attempted. Credits accepted in transfer are included in the calculation as both attempted and completed.