We provide drop-in tutoring on a first-come, first-served basis and 50-minute appointments when appropriate tutors are available. Study groups are encouraged; many students come in with classmates on a regular basis.

Recurring Tutorials

To support continuing academic development in math, statistics, and java programming, we offer recurring tutorials (also known as on-going appointments or standing appointments). These are weekly tutorials that are scheduled with the same tutor for up to four weeks. With the permission of the director, a student may schedule one recurring tutorial per class during a semester.

A student makes a request for a recurring tutorial through the tutor, who requests permission to schedule four recurring tutorials from the director. After the third tutorial, the director will meet with the tutor and the student to evaluate progress before determining next steps.


If you have any questions about these expectations, please make arrangements to talk with the Math Center Director

  • We collect information about who visits Math Center. This information is kept confidential so that we can track how our services are being used and make appropriate changes in our tutor training and schedule.
  • We encourage self-sufficient and responsible learners. Read all materials connected to your assignment, like the syllabus, textbook, and notes, and attempt any assigned or practice exercises before your visit with us. Tutors will not correct or do your work for you, especially even-numbered exercises assigned for graded homework.
  • We provide tutors who have some experience in all of the courses supported. Some tutors have more expertise in certain areas (calculus, statistics, discrete). We aim to have a consistent schedule, but we cannot guarantee that a specific tutor will work at a specific time.
  • We support the expectations of the instructors and their syllabi. You are not allowed to bring in take-home exams or any other assignments for which the instructor has specified no outside help.
  • Each client must agree to abide by the expectations of the Math Center. If a client chooses to violate these expectations , the client may be barred from using the Math Center services.