We are a community of mathematicians committed to our primary objective: helping students at all levels achieve their mathematics and statistics goals.

We welcome inquiries about working with us. The CAE Math Center offers three employment categories for tutors.

Peer tutors are confident mathematicians and statisticians who want to share that confidence with others. Like other Metropolitan State students, they often have substantial career and life experience. Peer tutors participate in eight hours of interactive training and observe tutorials.

Graduate tutors have undergraduate degrees from Metropolitan State or another college or university; some are volunteer Metropolitan State alumni. These tutors contribute both the knowledge of other disciplines and their own considerable mathematics and statistics experience.

Faculty tutors are community faculty members at Metropolitan State. Beyond tutoring, they train, mentor, and encourage graduate and peer tutors.

Support staff Without our friendly, kind, capable support staff, we couldn't, frankly, run the place. They make appointments, keep us in place and on time, maintain our equipment, supplies and handouts, and record and report our efforts. Their expertise lies first in human relations: they remain calm at all times. Beyond that, their technical skills in document design and database management keep us afloat from day to day.

Please direct questions about any of these positions to Christopher West, associate director at 651-793-1462 or