The Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is a fragrance-free environment.

Cologne, perfume, scented lotions, and other chemical fragrances can make some people sick, especially those with asthma, chemical sensitivities or allergies, or other respiratory ailments. Please refrain from wearing/using fragrances when you're at any of our Tutoring or Testing Center locations. 

The Type of Service We Provide

The ability to write clearly and concisely is essential for success in any field of study. Metropolitan State University's writing centers provide free writing support for current students. Tutors are faculty, graduate, and experienced peer writing consultants whose flexibility meets the needs of inexperienced and proficient writers wanting to become more skilled. The tutors can provide constructive feedback and coach you on the following writing tasks:

  • Analyzing an assignment and organizing ideas
  • Narrowing and focusing a topic
  • Formulating a thesis
  • Introductions and conclusions
  • Transitions
  • Looking critically at sentence structure, diction, and grammar
  • Revising and editing strategies
  • citing sources in-text and creating reference pages/bibliographies

NOTE: We allow students a maximum of one writing tutorial per course per day.