Student Services

A testimonial from an online student:

"I would encourage you to utilize the Writing Center for all of your written essays or papers. They will be happy to schedule a time for you either on campus or by phone. They are terrific! While they will not write your paper for you, they do have the latest edition of the APA format and will give you options with sentence structure, phrasing, and format. I use them for each paper I write and it has helped me tremendously! Since I live two hours away, I alway[s] email my paper the day before and schedule a 1 hour appointment for the next day. It's a great FREE resource!"

Face to Face Tutorials

These are a one-to-one interactions in the Writing Center space. Most clients choose this option because they feel it is more direct and effective communication with their tutor.

Good writing takes time. To be fair to yourself and your tutor, come in for help well before the due date of your assignment. To make the most of your consultation, please bring:

  • Your assignment
  • Your paper
  • Your textbook

Phone Tutorials

These are our second-most popular option, since tutor and student communicate directly and at the same time. They may easily ask questions of each other about the draft they are working on.

Before your scheduled conference, we will ask you to send us (via email or fax 651-793-1463)

  • Your assignment
  • Your paper

At the start of your conference, your tutor will read your assignment and paper and then call you at the phone number you give to us.

Recurring Tutorials

To support continuing academic development in writing, we offer recurring tutorials (also known as on-going appointments or standing appointments). These are weekly tutorials that are scheduled with the same tutor for up to four weeks. With the permission of the director, a student may schedule one recurring tutorial per class during a semester.

A student makes a request for a recurring tutorial through the tutor, who requests permission to schedule four recurring tutorials from the director. After the third tutorial, the director will meet with the tutor and the student to evaluate progress before determining next steps.

You may schedule an appointment for any kind of tutorial by calling us at 651-793-1460 or by sending us an email at

ESL (English as a Second Language) Support Services

All Writing Center tutors receive ESL training and are accustomed to working with students for whom English is a second language. Some of our tutors are ESL specialists. Students may request a specialist at the time they make their appointment.

On-line ESL sites for students and teachers:

ASL (American Sign Language) Support Services

Students whose first language is ASL are welcome at the Writing Center. To arrange for an interpreter, call Disabilities Services at 651-793-1540 (voice) or 651-772-7687 (TTY), and then call the Writing Center for an appointment. Consultants can also work with ASL students in writing or on line at: