Faculty are required to comply with the Fair Use guidelines and the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code).

How the library can help:

The librarians can help you determine if you need to request copyright permission for something you wish to use in class, and can assist you with obtaining permission to use copyrighted materials when needed. To obtain copyright permission, complete this Source Information Form [PDF] and sent it by email to ereserves.metro@metrostate.edu to obtain copyright clearance for items that you wish to use in your class. You are also encouraged to contact your library liaison or the university Intellectual Property Coordinator, Craig Hansen, Interim Dean, Library and Information Services, with questions that you have about copyright.

Please note that you generally do not need to request copyright permission for library database articles if you create a static link to them, nor do you need to request permission for items in the public domain, are under a Creative Commons license, or that fall under academic fair use guidelines.

More resources:

  • Minnesota State has developed an intellectual property website and a Fair Use Checklist to guide faculty on issues related to intellectual property and copyright.
  • The University of Minnesota has an informative Copyright website, with a useful Copyright Decision Map tool.
  • The librarians at Metropolitan State University have developed this guide to copyright, the public domain, and creative commons.