If you are interested in providing Metropolitan State University's Library and Learning Center with a gift or donation, please fill out the Gift and Donation Form (.pdf).

The Metropolitan State University Library and Information Access Center may accept donations of library materials and monetary gifts designated for the purchase of library materials in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Materials received as gifts, whether print, audio-visual, software etc., will be evaluated by the same standards that apply to new materials being selected. All gifts received should contribute to the mission of the university and relate to the curriculum.

  2. Since there is considerable cost involved in adding donated materials to the collection, and since Metropolitan State University does not intend to develop a comprehensive, retrospective print collection, items with a publication date more than ten years in the past will only be added to the collection if the items are essential in their discipline. For similar reasons, we generally do not add journal or magazine issues, items that are in a dated format (VHS tapes, LPs), duplicate items, or textbooks.

  3. All donated materials are within Metropolitan State University Library's jurisdiction for decision on adding to our collection, or being discarded in any way that library determines is appropriate. Items that are not added to the library's collection may be sold, donated to other organizations, or recycled.

  4. The University Foundation will provide donors with a letter acknowledging their donation and stating the approximate number of items donated. If a complete list is needed, the donor must prepare and send a copy of the list with the donation. Any appraisals of gift materials are the responsibility of the donor. The library cannot legally provide an appraisal or estimate of the value of the donated material.

  5. Generally, the library will not accept gifts with conditions as to their disposition and location. Gifts intended for the archives or special collections fall under a different policy.

  6. Generally, the donor is responsible for delivering the items to the library. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Dean, after consultation with the Assistant Director of Technical Services.

  7. Persons who are considering donating individual items of particular value (i.e. more than $500) or more than 200 items in a specific subject area should contact the library Dean to discuss whether there is a place for these items in the library's collections. In particular, retiring faculty should meet with the library Dean prior to donating very large collections or items that may have archival significance.

If you wish to discuss a potential donation or have questions about this policy, please contact the library at library.services@metrostate.edu.

Policy Created: October, 2010

Revised: May, 2013