Forming a New Student Organization

If you do not see a group that meets your interest area, you may want to consider starting a new student organization. As Metropolitan State University has grown, so has the number and diversity of its student clubs. While some groups choose to organize informally, others seek to be registered with the University.

Some of the benefits of registration are the use of Metropolitan State facilities for meetings and events, the eligibility to apply for Student Activity Fee money from Student Activity Fee Advisory Committee (SAFAC), the use of Metropolitan State Student Activities Office Services for student organizations, and so on. Student groups who wish to request registration must send a group representative to appear before the Student Senate and formally request to be registered. The groups must contact the Student Senate at 651-793-1554 to be placed on the Senate agenda.

They must have:

  • a written mission statement
  • a Metropolitan State faculty/staff advisor
  • four members who have been registered Metropolitan State students in the last three quarters
  • a completed Student Organization Registration form and Equal Opportunity statement

The Student Senate will then forward a recommendation for registration to Metropolitan State's president. For more information, call the Student Activities Office at 651-793-1550.

Looking for a way to get involved?

OrgSync is your way to connect to organizations at Metropolitan State, communicate with other members and explore your community.