Bird of Paradise, Mimi Lehinh

Becoming Whole: In Pieces

Reception: Thursday, Oct. 27

Show dates: Oct. 28 – Dec. 2

This group exhibition features artwork by members of the Minnesota Mosaic Guild (MMG) and showcases the variety in the field, from highly decorative utilitarian objects to sumptuous local landscapes.

Regarding the show, exhibition coordinator and mosaic artist Trudy Vrchota has said, “Mosaic shows are truly diverse both in the individual artist’s style and the range of materials that each artist incorporates into their mosaic pieces. We use glass, ceramics, marble, stone, beads, and found objects in our work. The colors are brilliant and the textures are rich. This makes for a dynamic and inspiring show.”

Established in 2004, the MMG was formed to promote the art of mosaic, foster exploration and experimentation in the media, provide educational opportunities in mosaic, as well as share and celebrate the diversity of experience and knowledge in the media.

Cha Lor

NEXUS: Honoring the Self-Taught Photographic Artist

Reception: Thursday, Sept. 15 from 5 - 7:30 p.m.

Show dates: Sept. 16  - Oct. 21

This group exhibition features the work of Hmong, Laotian, African-American and Caucasian artists involved in NEXUS, a professional development program for self-taught community-based artists living in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The program, administered by the non-profit In-Progress, is dedicated to providing professional mentorship and exhibition opportunities to artists that have developed their skills outside of traditional learning settings. For this exhibition, six artists will present a diverse body of digitally produced images under the guidance of Minneapolis based photographer and guest curator Xavier Tavera. Participants include: Alvan Washington, Lor Cha, Melissa Vang, Negussie Netsant, Dowls Nikol and Mary Richardson.

"Self-taught artists are often self-directed and have the ability to find solutions to obstacles they encounter and continue doing art," Tavera said, regarding the exhibition.

Honn Purple Fluted Vase

Born of Fire: Selections from Foci-Minnesota Center for Glass Art

Reception: Thursday, April 21 from 5 - 7:30 p.m.

Show dates: April 22 - July 14

Metropolitan State University's Gordon Parks Gallery presents Born of Fire: Selections from Foci-Minnesota Center for Glass Art, featuring the glass art of instructors who teach at Foci-Minnesota Center for Glass Arts (MCGA), which is Minnesota's only non-profit, public-access community glass studio and education center.

“Because Foci-MCGA operates a fully equipped hot-shop facility, with equipment for kiln work, neon, fusing and sandcasting, the artwork that is created there is disparate, yet distinct. From delicate utilitarian vessels to sculptural objects, this exhibit surveys the expansive nature of the medium from the hands of masterful local artists,” Gallery Director Erica Rasmussen said.

Exhibited artists include: Al Honn, Michael Boyd, Eric Dahlberg, Alli Luhmann, Elli Gagner, Bryan Ethier, Todd Cameron and Kelly Nezworski.