Academic Advising

Academic Advising plays an important role in helping students graduate. African American Student Services works to ensure the success of students by working with Metropolitan State faculty and staff to provide sound academic advice to students.


African American Student Services works closely with members of the university community to resolve issues related to the students' ability to achieve academic success. It is crucial that students have a voice on campus for some that voice is spoken through the African American Student Services Office. The office supports the university's efforts to continue building an academic environment conducive to the retention and graduation of students of color.

Community Connections

African American Student Services participates in numerous community activities throughout the year: Rondo Days, Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday observances, and various Black history month programs. Participating in various community activities provides opportunities for students to connect with members of the local community.

Cultural Programming

Each year African Student Services (AASS) sponsors activities that celebrate the rich heritage of the African American culture. The office collaborates with other campus departments to provide cultural programming designed to increase the level of understanding about significant events in the history of African Americans. The celebration of Kwanzaa, Martin Luther King Jr. day, Black History Month and African American student graduation are all activities that are sponsored by AASS.


AASS provides student leadership development opportunities for students. The office provides funds for students interested in attending the Pan-African Student Leadership conference.

AASS encourages students to get involved with the African American Student Association (AASA). Participating in this group provides opportunities for students to connect with each other while also developing leadership skills. AASA coordinates and sponsors various cultural and social programs for students of color.

Career development seminars and workshops are available to assist students with resumes, job applications, time management, goal setting, study skills and internships. These workshops are offered in conjunction with other departments on campus. Contact the office for more information about career development workshops.


Referrals allow students to explore resources that are made available to the African American Student Services office. Students may be referred to services and department available within the university and local African American community. Information regarding internships and financial aid scholarships are available through AASS.

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Contact Information

BernaDette Suwareh
African/African American Students
Student Success Coordinator