Center for Accessibility Resources' goal is to provide quality interpreting services, advocacy and access for all Deaf, Deaf/Blind and Hard of Hearing students on campus.

Early registration, at least three weeks prior to the start of the term, helps us schedule the interpreter(s) in advance of the start of the semester. Contact Center for Accessibility Resources if you want information on priority registration for classes, allowing you to request interpreters early.

You may request interpreting services for any Metropolitan State University related event. Please make requests as far in advance as possible. Recommended lead time for scheduling interpreter services:

  • Semester Class - three weeks
  • College Events - three weeks
  • Meeting with an instructor, advisor, or tutor - five business days
  • Late requests may be submitted and the University will make an effort to accommodate you, if possible.

If you have a problem or concern with interpreting services please notify Center for Accessibility Resources soon as possible. All interpreters are expected to follow the Interpreter Code of Ethics. We want your feedback early in the term to resolve any problems in receiving effective services.

Cancellations and Late Arrival:

If you are not able to attend your class or appointment please contact a staff interpreter at as soon as possible to cancel the interpreter(s). In the event that a student is not there at the start of class the interpreter(s) will wait for 30 minutes before leaving. Advance notice is always appreciated if possible.
In the event of late arrival or cancellation it is always best to email the staff interpreters at

When an emergency or illness makes it impossible to provide advance notice of an absence, contact the staff interpreters at as soon as possible. Interpreter services may be cancelled if a student does not notify Center for Accessibility Resources.

Absences in excess of two consecutive missed classes/appointments will result in suspension of interpreting services until student contacts the Center for Accessibility Resources office to discuss the situation and reinstate services.

We hope that your educational experience at Metropolitan State University is a positive and successful. Please let us know if there is any other way that we can be of assistance to you in your education while you are a student here.