Students requesting testing accommodations must be registered with Center for Accessibility Resources. Test Accommodations are intended to provide equal access to students with disabilities to compensate for functional limitations. Testing accommodations are based on students' individual needs and include but are not limited to Extended Time, a Distraction-reduced room, Assistive Technology, etc.

Collaborative Process for Testing Accommodations

Tests are administered by appointment only at the Saint Paul Campus, Minneapolis Campus, and Midway Center according to each location's schedule.

  1. Students evaluate each classroom environment to determine if approved accommodations are needed and contact their instructors each semester to discuss their accommodations.

  2. Instructors discuss with the student acceptable ways to meet Accommodation Requirements provided on the student's Semester Accommodations Request form. SAR forms are emailed to the instructor and student the week prior to semester start or when the student first registers with Center for Accessibility Resources.

  3. Students pick up Test Appointment Request Forms in the Center for Accessibility Resources Office, New Main L223 or go to our online Test Accommodation Request form.

    NOTE: Students must fill out and return the Test Appointment Request form to the Center for Accessibility Resources Office no later than 96 hours prior to the Testing Appointment time. Test Appointments requested after 96 hours cannot be guaranteed.

  4. Center for Accessibility Resources Staff will confirm the exam date and time with the instructor and provide secure exam holding until the student's Testing Appointment.

  5. Instructors send exams to with a Test Coversheet that includes test deadline and amount of time given to complete the exam in class, as well as any instructions or permissions for the student (use of calculator, notes, scratch paper, etc). Note: ANY use of calculators, notes, textbooks, etc. during an exam must have written permission from the instructor or other exam authority.

  6. Approved Test Proctor(s) secures the exam and provides proctoring and accommodations during the test appointment.

  7. Students take their exam in the Center for Accessibility Resources test room New Main room L223, or the Center for Academic Excellence testing center New Main room 205 and adhere to testing room rules. These rules are available for review within all test rooms. Note: The Center for Academic Excellence can only provide accommodations for extended time. If a student needs a distraction reduced testing environment, they must test with the Center for Accessibility Resources.

  1. Test Proctor(s) sends the exam back to the instructor once the student completes the exam.