1. Choose a Topic and an Evaluator
  2. Review Prior Learning Criteria
  3. Contact the Evaluator
  4. Complete Prior Learning Evaluation Proposal Form*

    If the faculty evaluator and you both conclude that you are ready to demonstrate prior knowledge of the specified subject, you will complete a *Prior Learning Evaluation Proposal form (pdf). The form requires the signature of the department chair in which you do the prior. You submit this completed form with all of the signatures required to the registrar at the time of registration.

  5. Register

    Submit your completed and signed Prior Learning Evaluation Proposal to the registrar. (Registrar's Office: Founder's Hall, Room 142)

  6. Submit work for assessment

    Once you are registered, the evaluator will receive a learning evaluation. You are responsible for submitting work or scheduling meetings for assessment with the evaluator. The evaluator completes the learning evaluation when all of the assessments are finished. Please note that learning evaluations have expiration dates. It is important to make every effort to complete the work in the semester in which you are registered.