Theory seminars provide an alternative to the prior learning assessment process. Theory seminars are learning opportunities designed specifically for students with extensive experience and practical knowledge in a subject, but limited theoretical learning. They involve fewer classroom hours than regular courses, ranging from six to 15 hours, and require considerable work outside the classroom. The topics for theory seminars vary greatly, ranging from child psychology and interpersonal communication to counseling and management.

Information available about each theory seminar generally includes a diagnostic test and a syllabus. Students who think particular theory seminars might be appropriate for them can print the diagnostic test that can be used to decide whether to take a particular theory seminar. Throughout theory seminars, instructors evaluate student's integrated new learning with their prior experience.

To view a list of the theory seminars that are offered by Metropolitan State, please see the following:

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Theory Seminar Diagnostics and syllabi are listed in the Class Schedule during the semester offered or samples may be requested from