Now that you have transferred and are admitted to Metropolitan State, use this checklist to guide you through the registration process.

Admitted Student Transfer Checklist (.pdf)

Admitted Student Transfer Checklist

  1. Go Online to Register for the Online New Student Orientation

    Register and complete the online New Student Orientation. You also have the option of attending an on-campus Group Advising and Registration Session. The advantage to attending an on-campus session is that it will provide you with an opportunity to see the campus, know where the bookstore is for purchasing textbooks, obtain your student ID card, and meet academic advisors and faculty.

  2. Login

    Login to Desire 2 Learn () to access online courses and the student Portal to access your email account using the information provided to you in your admit packet.

  3. Review Your Interactive Degree Audit/DARS Report

    You will receive a notice within 10-14 business days when your Interactive Degree Audit/DARS Report has been completed. You may access this report through eServices. Review how your previous courses evaluated for transfer and for applicability to the General Education and Liberal Studies (GELS) requirements.

  4. Find Advising Resources

    If you have been assigned an advisor, his/her name will be listed on your DARS Report. If you do not have an assigned advisor and need immediate assistance, please contact your college advising center.

  5. Watch for a Communication from Your College

    Your program will be as individual as you are. Your college will be sending you a personalized communication welcoming you to your program and will give you additional instructions on the next steps to take.

  6. Complete Placement Assessment

    Your Interactive Degree Audit/DARS Report indicates if reading, writing and/or math assessments or course placement information is required prior to registration.

  7. Register for Courses

    After completing the New Student Orientation, Placement Assessments, reviewing your DARS and consulting with your advisor, you may register for courses through eServices. Please make sure you have completed any required prerequisites for each course.

  8. Arrange for Payment

    You can view your bill for tuition and fees online through eServices. The deadline for tuition payments is posted in our Academic Calendar.

  9. Buy Books

    The Metropolitan State Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Library and Learning Center at the Saint Paul Campus. Bookstore credit and/or personal local checks are accepted for the amount of purchase with proper photo identification. The bookstore cannot accept 3rd party checks, starter checks or checks prewritten for a 2nd party use. Be sure to have your course codes ready when you arrive or call the bookstore. Texts are arranged alpha-numerically by the subject, number and section (such as ACCT 310-02). Do not use the registration codes (000198). Different sections can use different texts so it is very important to have all three parts to your course codes.

  10. Get to Know Your Campuses

    Check which campus offers your courses by viewing the Class Schedule.

  11. Provide Immunization Records

    Complete the Immunization Record to show proof of Measles/Mumps/Rubella 9MMR) and Tetanus/Diphtheria (Td) vaccinations. Immunization Records form can be found enclosed.