International Students:

International students are required to have insurance coverage during their studies at Metropolitan State University. Please refer to University Policy #3000 (.pdf), International Student Health Insurance Procedure, for additional information. The policy information and application are also available in the Gateway Student Services Center, Founders Hall, Saint Paul Campus, and may also be viewed online. Students complete the application then submit payment to Financial Management, Founders Hall. Also visit the International Student Services website for more information.

Why United Healthcare was selected

There are three main reasons why United Healthcare was selected:

  • Cost: Minnesota State has a committee that screens different insurance companies to ensure that the student receives the best coverage for the lowest price. They understand that although money is very tight for students, it is important that students receive proper medical care.
  • Repatriation: In the unlikely event of the death of a student, repatriation will ship the remains of the student back to their home country.
  • Medical Evacuation: Medical Evacuation is when a student is critically ill and needs medical transportation back to their home country.

Repatriation and Medical Evacuation are crucial pieces of this insurance because they are not readily available in other insurance that students can purchase individually. Due to many regulations both of these are very expensive. If these were not covered by the insurance then the student, the family, or the school they attend may be held liable for these costs. Therefore the insurance is another form of protection for the University.

Minnesota State has selected a student health insurance provider for resident and international students. This is a one-year nonrenewable policy. The Student Services web site will be updated to reflect the appropriate links for MegaLife and how to locate a provider within the network as well as FAQs.

There is high quality health care in the U.S. It can be very expensive at times and the United Healthcare health insurance offers some protection against these high prices. If a student were to get seriously ill or hurt, they could seek medical attention with less worry of excessive financial strain, as long as they are insured. The cost of health care continues to rise and the cost to the student is reflected in the premium. There are exclusions for this insurance plan, such as a pre-existing condition or congenital defects, that may apply.