What types of class to register for?

Students register for regular classes, in most cases. Independent-study classes, however, have long been an excellent option for many of our adult students. Whether it is good to do independent study depends on students' personal situations.

One of our recent studies found that the score averages in independent-study classes are lower than those of regular classes and the score distributions are not as even as in the regular classes. For instance, it is possible that there are eight As, ten Bs, three Cs, one D, and two Fs in a regular class, but it is not strange to see ten As, seven Bs, three Cs and twelve Fs in an independent-study class. Certainly, there are various reasons behind these numbers. Our primitive assumption is that the well-disciplined, well-organized individuals successfully completed all requirements while enjoying the time flexibility of these independent-study classes; but those less disciplined and less organized students found no luck in these classes. Independent study does not only mean time flexibility; it also means self-discipline and commitment.