Alcohol and Drug Use Disorder Prevention Education

Metropolitan State University is dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthy campus community that supports the academic and personal achievement of our students. In an effort to promote a safe campus environment, Healthcare and Wellness Services and Counseling Services work in partnership with faculty, staff, students and others to foster a campus culture that embraces an emphasis on drug and alcohol use disorder prevention awareness. Through various approaches, the university will provide programs that increase awareness, connect students to campus and community resources, and engage students about making responsible choices regarding alcohol and drug use.

Educational Resources

Personal Screening

Online alcohol and drug awareness self-assessment modules provide you with an opportunity to learn more about the impact of alcohol and other drugs in your life. These personal screening tools provide you with an opportunity to self-assess in a confidential setting. You can discuss the results of your eCHUG or eTOKE with a counselor in the Metropolitan State Counseling Services department. To schedule an appointment, call the receptionist and ask for an appointment with a counselor (651-793- 1568 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday - Friday).

Both eCHUG and eTOKE are interactive web surveys that allow students to enter information about their drinking patterns or marijuana use and receive feedback about their use of alcohol or marijuana. The assessment is self-guided and takes only 10 minutes to complete. After completing the module, you are not required to meet with a counselor. However, if you would like to discuss the results with a counselor, call 651-793-1568 or come to the Saint Paul campus and go to Founders Hall, room 221 to make an appointment. Our services are free and confidential for Metropolitan State students.

How does it work?

When you click on the link to access either eCHUG or eTOKE, you will be prompted to enter information about yourself. The eCHUG program will ask you to enter information about your drinking habits and family history. The eTOKE program will ask you information about your marijuana use.

After you finishing entering all of the requested information, you must submit the form. The information you entered is then validated and processed. These programs will calculate a number of variables and compare your responses to national and local college norms. Then, your personalized feedback is displayed in an easy-to-read format.

What do you need to use the eCheckUp To Go?

  1. A computer
  2. Internet access
  3. A JavaScript enabled internet browser
  4. 10-15 minutes to complete the survey
  5. A printer (to print the feedback)

Links for self-assessment surveys


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