Services that OnCare provides include:

Athlete's feet
Colds, sinus infection, sore throat
Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
Diaper rash
Ear pain (Swimmer's ear)
Endocarditis prevention (antibiotics before dental surgery)
EpiPen refill
Erectile dysfunction medication refill
GERD (heartburn or acid reflux)
Hay fever/allergies
Head Lice
IBS (constipation and or diarrhea)
Influenza (the flu)
Ingrown toenail
Jock itch
Low back pain
Malaria prevention
Motion sickness
Oral contraception refill
Oral mouth sores (canker / cold sores)
Pertussis exposure (whooping cough)
Quit tobacco
SBE prophylaxis (subacute bacterial endocarditis)
STI (exposure to sexually transmitted infection)
Sleeping problems
Stye (bump or bumps on eyelid)
Tick bite
URI (upper respiratory infection, sinus infection, strep throat)
UTI (female bladder infection)
Vaginal yeast infection 

Important things to remember:

-OnCare will only refill EpiPen, Erectile Dysfunction or Oral Contraception prescriptions if they were originally prescribed by a Fairview provider.

-Metropolitan State University will only cover the initial OnCare telemedicine visit. If prescriptions or additional costs occur, the student will be responsible to pay those costs.