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Metropolitan State Stands Together Against Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is unacceptable, but far too often it is accepted. Accepted as part of cultural or societal norms the world over. How do we change these norms? It starts with respect and understanding. It starts when one person decides to speak up and others follow that cue. It starts with all of us.

Unfortunately, a college campus is one of the more likely places to encounter sexual violence. It’s estimated that between 20-25 percent of all college-age women will be the targets of an attempted rape, and for every 1000 women on a campus there will be 35 reported cases of sexual assault. More cases of sexual assault will go unreported. Victims should not have to live with this trauma in silence. Their assailants should not be free of consequence, able to live their life as they always have.

The uniqueness of Metropolitan State University’s student body and campus actually makes the likelihood of sexual violence greater in the course of a student’s lifetime. The Women's and LGBTQ Student Resource Center is well aware of the greater dangers facing the students here at Metropolitan State University, and we are here and ready to help any and all who need assistance.

It is especially important that men are responsible and respectful, not only of their own actions, but the actions of their friends and of those in their social circles and vicinity. Violence is less likely when we all watch out for each other. Changing the collective attitude of a group, or even our society, begins when an individual changes his or her own mentality. This type of chain reaction has the ability to make the world a better place. Every victim of sexual violence is someone’s daughter or sister or mother or significant other. Every victim of sexual assault is someone’s son or brother or father. Those relationships become strained because of that violation, even if the other party is unaware of the reason why. We must all become advocates for change. Together, we make each other safer.