Reporting an Incident

Should you need to report an incident, it is important to know the university has a formal reporting structure and process which includes confidential resources and Mandatory Reporters.

Anonymous Reporting

Should an individual choose to report an incident, they have the option to report anonymously. To make an anonymous report use this link. This form is intended for use by students, employees, faculty, visitors or other concerned individuals to anonymously or informally report information related to incident(s) of sexual misconduct, (sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation), dating/relationship violence and/or stalking.

Confidential Resources

If you would like to speak to a confidential resource regarding instances of sexual violence you have experienced or on behalf of a friend or love trained advocates are available. These are individuals who are not legally mandated to report instances of sexual misconduct, harassment, or violence. They can assist you in outlining all your options and rights, answer your questions, provide resources, and support you through the reporting process (should you choose to file a report). Additionally, individuals may report anonymously or use their name.

The Metropolitan State University Domestic and Sexual Violence Crisis Line: 651-793-1500
Counseling Services: 651-793-1568, Founders Hall Room 221
Michael Peterson, Director, Counseling Services, 651-793-1557, Founders Hall Room 224
Women & LGBTQ Coordinator, 651-793-1544. Founders Hall Room 140

Formal Complaint and Investigation

If you believe you have experienced sexual misconduct, harassment, or violence and would like the university to formally investigate the situation, you may submit a formal complaint. These complaints can be student to student, employee to student, employee to employee, and non-students or non-employees.

Required Reporters

Mandatory Reporters include, campus security or other administrative officials who as a result of their roles, have an obligation to report incidents of sexual violence. These individuals include but are not limited to, the Director of Public Safety, Director of Affirmative Action, Dean of Students, Student Conduct Officer, and College Deans. Federal law requires that formal reports to a mandatory reporter must be investigated. Any person who wishes to make a report of sexual violence should contact the individuals listed below. You can also go to this link to view the formal reporting process.

Herbert King, Dean of Students, Title IX Coordinator 651-793-1508,, Founders Hall Room 236

James Sachs, Judicial Affairs Officer, Title IX Investigator, 651-793-1535, 
james.sachs@metrostate.eduFounders Hall Room 234

Craig Morris, Chief Diversity Officer and Affirmative Action Officer, 651-793-1272,, Founders Hall Room 315

Thomas Maida, Director Public Safety, 651-793-1725,, Founders Hall Room 324

Individuals who believe they have experienced sexual misconduct, harassment, or violence, can file a report with the Saint Paul Police or Minneapolis Police department simultaneously when reporting an incident to mandatory campus reporter or official.

Metropolitan State University takes the issue of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment and assault very seriously. The university is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment. The University’s non-discrimination and sexual harassment policy coincides with policies and procedures as outlined below by the Minnesota State Colleges and University System (MN State).

Overview of Title IX Reporting Process

Title IX diagram small

Investigatory Process

As outlined in the MN State Procedures 1B.1.1 Subpart C., 9 provides information in regard to the timely completion of an investigatory process. The designated officer shall notify the complainant and respondent if the written response is not expected to be issued within the 60 day period.

Part 8. Appeal. - Subpart A. Filing an appeal. Appeal Process:

"The complainant or the respondent may appeal the decision of the decisionmaker. An appeal must be filed in writing with the president or designee within ten (10) business days after notification of the decision."

Subpart C.

MN State Procedure 1B.1.1 Report/Complaint of Discrimination/Harassment Investigation Resolution

MN State Policies and Procedures