Following is a list of courses identified by the ICES faculty team as providing students the opportunity to gain knowledge outside of the classroom and inside the community. Each course meets the criteria of at least one segment in the university's Circle of Engagement which describes the components of Metropolitan State University as an engaged campus. Students should contact the assigned instructor for information on community engagement activity in individual course sections.

Courses with community-based learning component

ANTH 302 Gender and Culture
ARTS 200 Creating Change through Communication, Writing and the Arts
ARTS 300 Museums and Galleries
ARTS 302 Exhibition Practices: Group Internship
ARTS 304 Topics in Fibers: Papermaking
BIOL 315 Limnology
BIOL 469 Seminars in Biology
BIOL 489 Senior Research in Biology
CJS 305 The Criminal Court System
CJS 350 Citizenship: Community Involvement
CJS 360 Diversity in Criminal Justice
CJS 377 Criminal Justice Practicum
COMM 200 Creating Change through Communication, Writing and the Arts
COMM 320 Individual Rights and Public Discourse
COMM 321 Gender, Sport and Communication in the U.S.
COMM 333 Intermediate Intercultural Communication
COMM 352 Organizational Communication
COMM 380 Public Relations Writing
COMM 381 Public Relations Principles
COMM 385 Media Relations
COMM 452 Advanced Organizational Communication
COMM 481 Advanced Public Relations
DENH 430 Dental Hygiene Capstone
DENH 440 Restorative Functions Clinic
DENH 610 Health Assessment and Oral Diagnostic Reasoning
DENH 660 Community-Based Primary Oral Healthcare III
DENH 680 Community-Based Primary Oral Healthcare V
DENH 700 Advanced Community Specialty Internship
DENH 710 Comprehensive Competency-Based Capstone
DSCI 420 Project Management
DSCI 421 Project Planning and Budgeting
DSCI 434 Introduction to Operations Management
DSCI 620 Project Management
DSCI 630 Project Risk Management
EDU 200 Introduction to Urban Education and Reflective Teaching
EDU 203 Multicultural Education
EDU 300 Assessment of Learning and Teaching in Urban Grades 5-12
EDU 306 Urban Middle School and High School Methods
EDU 310 Teaching and Assessing Students with Disabilities in Urban 5-12 Classrooms
EDU 311 Urban Teaching Practicum and Seminar
EDU 321 Urban Infant-Toddler Curriculum and Practicum
EDU 323 Urban Pre-K and Kindergarten Curriculum and Practicum
EDU 330 Teaching Children's Literature in Urban Grades K-6
EDU 333 Assessment of Learning in Urban Grades K-6
EDU 341 The Child and the Family in an Urban Setting
EDU 345 Integrated Classroom Management Methods in Urban Grades K-6
EDU 400 Literacy Education in Urban Schools
EDU 415 Managing Learning in Diverse Urban 5-12 Classrooms
EDU 430 Historical and Cultural Foundations of Urban Education
EDU 435 Teaching and Assessing English Language Learners
EDU 450 Advanced Urban Teaching Practicum and Seminar
EDU 460 Student Teaching in the Urban Middle School (grades 5-8)
EDU 470 Student Teaching in the Urban High School (grades 9-12)
EDU 475 Student Teaching in the Urban Infant-Toddler Classroom
EDU 481 Urban Grades 1-6 Curriculum and Practicum
EDU 483 Foundations of Teaching Reading in Urban Grades K-6
EDU 484 Teaching and Assessing Children with Disabilities Birth-Grade 6
EDU 485 Student Teaching in the Urban PreK-Kindergarten Classroom
EDU 487 Methods of Teaching Reading in Urban Grades K-6
EDU 490 Student Teaching in the Urban Primary Grades 1-3
EDU 495 Student Teaching in the Urban Elementary School K-6
EDU 600 Principles of Urban Education
EDU 602 Assessing Learning in Urban Grades 5-12 - Advanced Theory and Practice
EDU 606 Urban Middle School & High School Methods -Advanced Theory and Practice
EDU 610 Teaching & Assessing Exceptional Urban Learners-Advanced Theory & Practice
EDU 614 Literacy Education in Urban Schools - Advanced Theory and Practice
EDU 615 Managing Learning in Urban 5-12 Classrooms-Advanced Theory and Practice
EDU 630 Historical, Cultural, and Philosophical Foundations of Urban Education
EDU 635 Teaching Assessing ELL Students in Content-Advanced Theory and Practice
EDU 650 Student Teaching in the Urban Secondary School Grades 5-12
ESCI 315 Limnology
ETHS 200 Theories of Race, Ethnicity and Culture
ETHS 232 American Indians in Minnesota
ETHS 244 African Americans in Minnesota
ETHS 250 Latino/Hispanic Cultural Competency: Introductory Concepts
ETHS 252 Latinas/os in Minnesota
ETHS 262 Asian Americans in Minnesota
ETHS 302 Immigrant Communities and the Trajectories of Othering
ETHS 304 Environmental Justice and Public Policy
ETHS 305 Major Issues in U.S. Race Relations
ETHS 306 Politics of Mixed Racial Identity
ETHS 309 Race and Public Policy
ETHS 311 Understanding Racial and Ethnic Groups in the United States
ETHS 316 Race and Religion
ETHS 342 Contemporary Issues in Black America
ETHS 400 Applied Research for Social Change
ETHS 499 Ethnic Studies Capstone
GNDR 345 Global Perspectives on Gender
GNDR 365 The Cultural Politics of GLBT Sexuality
GNDR 501 Theories and Methodologies in Gender Studies
HSA 362 Human Services Administration
HSA 369 Program Evaluation
HSCD 320 Alcohol and Drug Counseling Pre-Practicum Seminar
HSCD 380 Alcohol and Drug Counseling Group Practicum I
HSCD 390 Alcohol and Drug Counseling Group Practicum II
HSER 355 Introduction to Human Services: History and Trends
HSER 455 Human Services Capstone Seminar
HSFS 338 Family: Racial, Gender and Class Dimensions
HSFS 341 Work and Family
HSFS 342 Children in U.S. Society
HSVP 301 Violence: Individual, Community and Global Responses
IBUS 312 International Political Economy
IDST 317 Women in Minnesota Life: Education, Politics and Social Change
IDST 321 Human Rights and the Educated Citizen
IDST 330 Women in Math, Science and Technology
IDST 343 Perspectives on Community Development
IDST 370 Cinema, Self and Other
INFS 115 Information Access
INFS 315 Searching for Information
INFS 315 Searching for Information: Holocaust and Genocide Studies
INFS 315 Searching for Information: Diversity in the Twin Cities
INFS 315 Searching for Information: Immigrant Communities
INFS 315 Searching for Information: Multicultural Issues in Business
INFS 340 Research in Special Collections and Archives
LAED 440 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in Urban Grades K-6
LAED 450 Teaching Language Arts in Urban Middle and High School
LING 316 The Nature of Language
LING 326 Language and Culture
LING 547 History of the English Language
LIT 300 Literary Analysis
LIT 332 Adolescent Literatures
LIT 349 American Nature Writers
MAED 440 Teaching Mathematics to Urban Learners in Grades K-8
MDST 361 Visual Communication
MDST 363 Children, Adolescents and the Media
MDST 371 American Film: Tradition and Trends
MDST 485 Communicating with New Media
METR 101 Your Academic Journey
MIS 310 CUTE: Principles of Management Information Systems
MIS 310 Principles of Management Information Systems
MIS 665 Systems Design and Decision Support
MIS 699 Integrative Capstone Project
MPNA 680 Information Management, Evaluation, and Public Accountability
MPNA 695 Capstone in Community Oriented Management
NPM 600 Nonprofit Governance and Management
NURS 407 Family Health Nursing
NURS 414 Geriatric Nursing
NURS 456 Community Health Nursing
NURS 456P Community Health Nursing Practicum
NURS 600P Intensive Practicum II
NURS 605 Health Policy and Leadership
NURS 607 Family Health Nursing
NURS 656P Intensive Practicum III
NURS 708 Epidemiology and Population Health
PADM 600 Public Administration Foundations
POL 101 Introduction to American Government and Politics
POL 301 Citizenship in a Global Context
POL 304 Social Movements in Global Perspective
POL 305 Elections and Political Parties
POL 311 Community Organizing and Social Action
POL 321 World Politics
POL 381 Community Leadership: Principles and Approaches
PRSP 301 Perspectives: Educational Philosophy and Planning
PRSP 499 Capstone
PSYC 106 Stress Management and Wellness
PSYC 107 Career Planning and Development
PSYC 108 Career and Life Planning for Women
PSYC 212 Introduction to Diversity and Ethics in Psychology
PSYC 357 Observing and Assessing Young Children: Birth Through Age Five
PSYC 359 Positive Behavior Guidance
PSYC 363 Community Psychology
PSYC 387 Environmental Psychology
PSYC 399 Applied Psychology Research Internship
PSYC 415 Principles of Teaching and Learning in Early Childhood
PSYC 417 Language and Communication Development in Early Childhood Education
PSYC 601 Psychology in the Public and Community Interest
RDNG 112 The Educated Reader: Analytical Reading
RELS 304 Introduction to World Religions
RELS 308 World of Islam
RELS 333 Race and Religion
SCED 440 Science Curriculum and Differentiated Instruction in Urban Grades K-6
SCRW 313 Beginning Screenwriting
SCRW 315 Film Production and Editing I
SCRW 415 Screenplay Style and Substance
SOC 305 Race and Ethnicity: Sociological Perspectives
SOC 304 Social Movements in Global Perspective
SOC 309 Homelessness: Critical Issues for Policy and Practice
SOC 311 Community Organizing and Social Action
SOC 381 Community Leadership: Principles and Approaches
SOWK 109 Introduction to Social Work
SOWK 351 Social Research
SOWK 381 Community Learning Center Seminar
SOWK 391 Community Learning Center Practicum
SOWK 522 Social Work Practice II
SOWK 552 Community Research and Advocacy
SOWK 584 Multicultural Child Welfare Field Seminar
SOWK 592 Multicultural Child Welfare Senior Practicum
SSCI 365 Social Science Internship: Leadership in Organizations and Public Life
THEA 201 Storytelling
THEA 321 Directed Readings in Theater
THEA 331 Voice: Speaking from Experience
THEA 346 Topics: Improvisation for Everyone
THEA 346 Topics: Theater Appreciation
THEA 351 Production and Performance Laboratory
THEA 387 Theater History II: Contemporary
THEA 400 Playwriting I
THEA 540 Directing and Creating Theater
WRIT 101 Introduction to College Writing
WRIT 121 Writing I Intensive
WRIT 131 Writing I
WRIT 231 Writing II
WRIT 251 Introduction to Creative Writing
WRIT 271 Technical Writing
WRIT 301 Professional and Technical Writing Careers
WRIT 331 Writing in Your Major
WRIT 353 Writing Short Fiction
WRIT 357 Writers as Readers
WRIT 372 Document and Information Design I
WRIT 373 Writing and Designing for the Web I
WRIT 392 Literacy Corps Group Internship: Literacy Tutors
WRIT 393 Literacy Corps Group Internship: Family Literacy
WRIT 461 Writing and Technical Communication Capstone
WRIT 481 Advanced Creative Writing
WRIT 532 Writing about Place
WRIT 532G Writing about Place
WRIT 574 Usability for Technical Communication
WRIT 574G Usability for Technical Communication
WRIT 575 Environmental Communication
WRIT 575G Environmental Communication
WRIT 673 Technical Communication in International Contexts
WRIT 683 Technical Communication Capstone
WRIT 685 Rhetorical Theory