The Metropolitan State University-Community Library and Information Center is a shared facility of the university and the Saint Paul Public Library, serving not only Metropolitan State's need for library resources, but also providing the surrounding community with a full range of technology and informative resources. The University-Community Library and Dayton's Bluff Branch library provide both young and adult users a safe and quiet place to study, access online and person-to-person tutor services, materials and books, and community-user computers. The Dayton's Bluff Branch Library has a children's section with pint-size furniture, resources and activities specifically designed for children and families.

Library-Community Outreach programs, sponsored by ICES, encompass the following:

  • A Zone Homework Center that provides reading, writing, math and computer literacy tutoring, as well as other schoolwork support services.
  • Cultural/multicultural events in the library facility that are open to the public, like the Gordon Parks Gallery's How Do We Remember exhibit by Japanese-American artist Kinji Akagawa and the Smithsonian's Changing America: The Emancipation Proclamation, 1963 and The March on Washington, 1963 exhibit.
  • The First Saturday Science program offers Dayton's Bluff neighborhood children of all ages an opportunity to expand their exposure to science through guided experiments that explore specific fields of inquiry, introducing them to realistic options for future careers in science. On the first Saturday of each month in the Science Educational Center, children can experience hands-on science activities paired with books that compliment and reinforce the applied learning.  

Institute program coordinators work with faculty, staff and students, as well as the public library, to integrate community-based library projects and programs that provide academic and community engagement opportunities for university students.