The mission of the Judicial Affairs Office is to:

  • Enforcing Student Code of Conduct in order to balance the interests of promoting the safety, well-being and academic integrity of the entire University community with protecting individual student due process rights
  • Being available to students, faculty and staff to consult, help problem solve and mediate problems before they rise to the level of a student conduct code violation, and provide resource referrals where appropriate
  • Integrating restorative principles which balance student accountability with the opportunity for education and making amends

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Code of Conduct Policy and Procedures:

Student Code of Conduct Process:

  • Who can file a complaint?
    Any member of the university community: faculty, administration, staff, and students.

  • How do I file a complaint?
    Reports of alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct can be made through the Code of Conduct form which is routed to the Judicial Affairs Office. Reference the Incident Reporting Guide for further Instructions on how to utilize and submit the Code of Conduct form.

    Please note allegations of Academic Dishonesty fall under the Academic Integrity Policy #2190. Visit the Academic Integrity Policy and Procedure page for resources and further information.

  • How quickly is report of conduct processed?
    Submitted reports are processed during normal business hours and responded to as quickly as possible. Please note they are not monitored after hours, on the weekends, or on holidays. If there is an immediate concern about a student contact Public Safety or 911.

  • What happens next?
    The Judicial Affairs Office will review all relevant information and determine the appropriate next steps.

  • Can I appeal the Code of Conduct decision made by the Judicial Affairs Office?
    Yes, however, grounds for an appeal do not include lack of familiarity with the conduct code, good character, or a personal commitment to behaving better in the future. Student Misconduct Appeal form.

Student Conduct Committee:

The Student Conduct Committee is comprised of faculty, staff and students. The Committee serves to hear conduct appeals and works closely with the Judicial Affairs Officer to review and revise Student Conduct Policy and Procedure as needed.

Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT):

The BIT is an interdisciplinary group that was established to collaborate and address potential or real student behavioral threats or acts of harm to themselves or others.

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