For our Current Metro TRIO-SSS

Students who already accepted into our TRIO-Student Support Services (TRIO-SSS) program for the current year, remember the following:

  • Check-in with your TRIO Advisor twice a month as an “academic check-up”
  • Check the D2L page under ‘TRIO Workshop” for upcoming events and workshops
  • Check your email for TRIO updates
  • Facebook users - like us on facebook (TRIO & POY)
  • TEXT MESSAGES - If you would like to receive TEXT MESSAGES from Metro's TRIO program (about once or twice a month) - text @metro-trio to (651) 321-5758.  This is one-way text messaging with all personal information remains completely confidential and TRIO will never see your phone number.

Usage Forms:  
TRIO Resources Room (FH L108) - Usage Form
TRIO WISE Study/Tutor Lab  - Usage Form
TRIO on-line “Academic Check-in” – Usage Form