Metropolitan State University
New Main Testing Center-Lower Level 

Bid Date & Time: 07/20/17 2 p.m
Pre-bid: 07/13/17 10 a.m.          
Pre-bid Mandatory: Yes
Solicitation Title: *UPDATE* New Main Testing Center-Lower Level
Owner Solic Number: 5252321     
Status: Bidding
Report: 7899440
Country: United States         State: MN         County: Ramsey
Location: St. Paul
Est. Low Value: $100,000      Est. High Value: $100,000
Scope: Work includes approx 1,300 SF remodeling and constructing. Also includes drywall, carpet, ACT ceilings, concrete masonry, electrical, lighting. 
Notes: There will be a mandatory pre-bid meeting July 13, 2017 at 10 a.m. at St. John's Hall Room 250, Metropolitan State University. This project has a "prevailing wage" requirement.