Millennial Students

The Five R's of Engaging Millennial Students
This article contains good content that we received from our October 11, 2014, Fall Teaching Workshop facilitator, Dr. Christy Price. An excellent refresher and reminder!

Meeting the Needs of the Millennial Students, from California State University Long Beach

Teaching Millennial Students, from Washington State University

Millennials: Our Newest Generation in Higher Education, from Northern Illinois University
Introduces readers to some of the characteristics of Millennial students.

Principles for Teaching the Millennial Generation: Innovative Practices of U-M Faculty, from University of Michigan
This article features a variety of University of Michigan faculty showcasing their teaching strategies with the Millennial student in mind.

Teaching Millennial Students, by Leslie Owen Wilson
An accessible and easy to read table presenting general characteristics of Millennial students, examples of educational implications of characteristics, and samples of action taken.