Online Anywhere and Anytime

Many metro students are mature, working adults who must balance the demands of work, family and school. Online courses offer our students some flexibility on when they can engage with the course content and complete coursework. Online courses, for example, often involve students with in-depth discussions related to the topic. Students, however, are given a time window when they can participate, allowing them to manage their schedule.

Online students complete weekly assignments, readings, and learning activities.  They participate in discussions and group activities, and complete projects.  They do all these things at times that are most convenient to them while still meeting instructor expectations and course deadlines.

Is Online Learning Right for Me?

You have probably been successful in your face-to-face classes and enjoyed the connection to other students and the instructor. Now you may be wondering if you will have the same positive experience in an online course.

At Metropolitan State University, most online courses are delivered through the BrightSpace Learning Environment. That's where the similarity between them ends. Metro faculty have the freedom to design courses in a way that will benefit their students most. Courses vary in the use of tools, media, documents, instructional strategies, timelines, use of publishers' content, and other instructional elements.

Regardless of their design, online courses require students to be highly self-motivated and possess good written communications skills, a computer with an up-to-date browser, internet connection and ability to use new software applications.

Students who do not have a computer and internet connection may be able to use one of the university computer labs (subject to hours and availability).

The linked short self-assessment survey will help you determine your readiness for taking an online class.

Computer Labs

The Information Technology department at Metropolitan State University is dedicated to providing services that maximize the efficient and effective use of computer resources for the University community.  Click the link below to find out more about where computer labs are located and when they are open. 

Technology Requirements

Metropolitan State University provides you with the computer requirements you need to access all features of your online courses. Click the link below to discover the minimum required operating system and browser requirements for the websites and programs used by the university.


Brightspace is the university's learning environment; it's the website where all of the university's online content is housed.  Brightspace is used to support fully-online courses, hybrid courses (both face-to-face and online work), and even some face-to-face courses.  Students can access content wherever they have a connection to the internet.  Some functions are even available on mobile devices.  The Center for Online Learning supports students when they have issues with , and helps faculty design and maintain their courses. 

A link to the Brightspace Login Page is found in the footer of the university website, through myMetroNet, and below.

Brightspace Instructions & Tutorials

Whether you are a student new to online learning or a returning student looking for a refresher, instructions on how to get started using Brightspace are available from both the Center for Online Learning and Youtube.  See the link below for walk-throughs and tutorials designed to help a new user!