Meet Megan Rowles

Image of Megan Rowles

"I am a student at Metropolitan State who has taken a good amount of online courses. Taking classes online has allowed me to work full time and be a student. I love the flexibility of being able to do my assignments and participate in the class when it is best fits my schedule. I really appreciate the wide options of online courses. Without these options I'm not sure if I would have wanted to or been able to finish my degree." -Megan

Meet John Kabat

"I am in my 3rd semester at Metropolitan State. Previously I achieved an AAS at Dunwoody and an AAS at Hennepin tech. I am here now finishing a bachelors. Online classes are exactly what I needed. I am married with three kids, work full time, and I am a Lieutenant on my local fire department. Being a disabled vet attending for vocational rehabilitation, I need online classes to fit my schedule. As an older adult joining a whole new work force i need the best education I can get to compete in the modern world. I have confidence in my instructors and the curriculum to get me where I want to be when I am done. With my busy life I can still attend full time online in pursuit of my degree."  -John

Meet Jennifer Smith

"Online learning has been an extremely important part of my academic experience. Being a parent and working full-time, online learning has allowed me to build a versatile learning schedule that caters to my busy life. I don't have to fight traffic, find a parking space, leave work early or miss important family time! It provides an academic experience that is just as worthwhile as the more traditional classroom setting - I might find it even more beneficial.

"Online classes are supported, in part, by the breadth of its participants' discussion. This discussion is a large part of online learning and it is much more prevalent than any classroom environment that I have encountered. There is more student interaction and the atmosphere is more relaxed and comfortable. It is easier for me to concentrate during online participation than in a classroom setting. Over-all I am thankful for online learning's content variety and the flexibility it has afforded me throughout my academic experience."  -Jennifer

Meet Tara Guy

Photograph of Tarag Guy"Of all the great things Metropolitan State University offers busy working students, one of the best has to be the ever-increasing number of online classes. While there are great benefits in attending class physically, and being in close proximity to other students, the freedom and flexibility of an online class is a stupendous draw for me.

"Avoiding the mad dash to classes through rush hour traffic after a hard day at work is awesome. I can "attend class" on my own schedule, have easy, constant access to course materials, and download and save tons of information as I need it. I have taken three online courses so far, and in each case found very user-friendly, easy to navigate, and a great place to participate in class forums. The instructors have been excellent; swift to respond to comments or questions, clear in their instructions on how to participate in the course online, and always providing excellent feedback in a timely fashion. I'm a big fan of online courses, and would encourage all other Metropolitan State students to give it a try; it could be a game-changer in managing your precious time and resources as you work toward your degree."  -Tara

Meet Jean Green

Photograph of Jean Green"When registering I blend taking online courses with in person courses. I do this because I find it offers me more flexibility for my work, school, and personal schedule. Additionally, it helps me cut down on commuting to the campus which is especially relevant during the winter! I have found the professors of my online courses to be helpful and careful to make online directions easy to understand for students. I have been successful in online courses and plan to continue taking them as I seek my degree in gender studies and sociology."  -Jean

Meet Rebecca Mackmurphy

"I am currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice program taking two online classes this semester. I just wanted to share my experience with you about taking college courses online. It's very convenient for me to take online classes for several reasons. First of all, I work full time during the week and am not available to take traditional classes during the day. Secondly, I took online classes at North Hennepin Community College, so I am very familiar with being online and using .

"Also, I am very independent and I like the fact that online courses are available to me when I have time to sit down at my computer at home, my laptop, or by going to the college campus. I actually live very close to North Hennepin and I am able use their computer lab, when I want to find a quiet place to study.

"In addition to being super convenient for me, I find that online courses are very well laid out and the expectations are clear - as far as when assignments are due. I have also found that my online instructors are available by email if I ever have a question or concern and they have always been helpful and professional. I also enjoy participating in online discussions with my classmates as the discussions are usually very positive and helpful to me in completing my coursework. I feel that by participating in online discussions, I am able to get different point of views from my classmates and it helps me learn more about the topic we are discussing. I have found online class discussions be a great resource to get information to help me complete my assignments.

"I have taken evening classes, Saturday morning classes, and online classes for some time now and I like the variety of begin able to choose the class schedule that best fits my needs each semester.  Right now, with it being summer semester, it works out perfect for me to be online, since I almost always have access to a computer so I can study and turn in my homework any time of day.

"Another thing I like about Metropolitan State offering online courses, is that is very easy to log into my account and manage my classes and my student email account.

"Overall, I am very satisfied with Metropolitan State University's online classes and ."  -Rebecca

Meet Kristie Hartig

Photograph of Kristie Hartig"As an adult, I already have a full load of responsibilities in my life, with work, bills, and family. I needed to reenroll in college but online courses were the only viable option. I was nervous about the quality of education I would receive as an online learner. With the courses I took at Metropolitan State, the experience surpassed all of my expectations, and quality was of the highest caliber.

"I got the individual attention I needed and never felt alone because I connected with my peers just like I would in a traditional class. Although it was scary at first, I quickly eased into navigation through the site and the learning modules. It was the best decision and I can't imagine ever going back to traditional college coursework. If you are considering higher education, don't dismiss the opportunity to utilize the online options offered."  -Kristie

Meet Jolanta Galloway

Photograph of Jolanta Galloway"I am a returning college student after being out of school for twenty years. I decided to pursue online learning and had the good fortune of enrolling full time into Metropolitan State's College of Individualized Studies Program. Two out of the four courses I took were courses by Nancy Miller; her style, organization and professional demeanor encouraged a virtual classroom environment that truly felt as though I were sitting beside my classmates.

"I currently reside and practice as an American Sign Language interpreter in Boston, Massachusetts. It is often said the the interpreting and Deaf communities in Boston and the Twin Cities have a parallel spirit in their approach, values and professional commitment to the field. Over the years, I have had conversations with colleagues about going back to school and one has always stood out; A Minnesota interpreter completed his Bachelors through the College of Individualized Studies (It was First College at the time) and the opportunity felt untenable because Boston had nothing comparable. Good fortune introduced me to a Metropolitan as an online experience and as a full-time self-employed individual, a mother of three teens, and a wife, not to mention, living in Boston, I couldn't resist. The online module for the College of Individualized Study/ focus on Disability Studies and Sexuality and asynchronous approach are a perfect pair. With Nancy's expertise and phenomenal teaching style, I am now able to bring Minnesota into Boston via online instruction. I couldn't ask for a better fit."  -Jolanta