Online learning requires students to make the extra effort to learn independently, interact with instructors and students at a distance, and be responsible for their own learning. Online students must be self-motivated, have good written communication skills, have access to a computer with an internet connection, and possess proficiency with software applications. In face-to-face courses students see the instructor and other students in a class setting, but in online learning, this connection is achieved primarily through words and the expression of ideas.

To help you assess your own readiness, try this online education quiz. Take the time to reflect on whether or not this type of learning is the right fit for you. The quiz is strictly for self-assessment. Your answers will not affect your admission to an online course.

Applying for admission to the university and registering for classes is the same for all students. The following link will start you on your journey; whether you are seeking admission as an undergraduate or graduate student, and whether you wish to take classes online or face-to-face.