What is an Online Course?

Our faculty design online courses to a high level of standard.  Online courses are rigorous and expect students to interact with the course content, the instructor and other students.  Students meet course requirements by submitting assignments, conducting research, interacting with learning objects, taking tests, participating in class discussions, writing papers, and more. In an 'asynchronous' totally online course, students can complete all of these activities in a time and space convenient to them, as long as course deadlines are met.  In a 'synchronous' totally online course, faculty may ask students to participate in an online activity (e.g. video conference) at an appointed time.

What can a Student Expect?

Metropolitan State University offers online courses through a web-based environment. Currently, this is the BrightSpace learning management system. This system offers students the flexibility to participate in learning activities no matter where students are located, as long as they have access to the Internet. Using a browser and the Internet, students access course content such as presentations, videos, papers, simulations, challenges and other course documents. They regularly interact with other students and the instructor via discussion forums. They also submit assignments to an online drop box and complete quizzes online.