Two employees doing video taping on green screen

The Center for Online Learning (COL) is a team of instructional designers, technologists and computer programmers who enable faculty and students to achieve their goals through online technology.

Every year since 2003, COL has helped the university offer more courses and sections of fully online and blended/hybrid than the year before. In 2016, online and blended/hybrid courses accounted for more than a third of the credit hours earned by students. In fall and spring semesters, the university offered more than 300 courses available in more than 500 sections.

In support of high quality courses, COL works with faculty and staff to develop and promote new online instructional techniques, new technologies and new professional development opportunities. Every year, the center partners with faculty to redefine what is possible in the online teaching and learning experience.


Since 2003, COL has supported the university in providing high-quality online courses and programs. The university offers a range of options to meet the needs of its students, such as:

  • Face-to-face courses that are augmented by online elements
  • Blended/hybrid courses that combine online activities with classroom-based instruction and potentially reduce the time students spend on campus
  • Fully online courses that offer students some flexibility in completing activities and meeting course requirements
  • Fully online courses that schedule online meeting times but still offer students flexibility in meeting course requirements