Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) is a cohort program which accepts new member cohorts in Fall and Spring Semesters. MAPL courses are designed to help students learn how to ethically influence public policy.

The Masters in Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) degree was offered at the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) from 2002-2015 when it relocated to Metropolitan State University. MAPL has 198 graduates, approximately 4/5ths of whom are working in the Advocacy field. Of the 198, approximately 2/3rds work in Minnesota.

MAPL classes are almost universally face-to-face. Four core courses offered in sequence to MAPL cohort members only are held Friday evenings; eleven class meetings each semester. Classes for degree-designated concentrations are offered on Saturday mornings. Three concentrations are available: Advocacy in the Nonprofit Sector, Advocacy in the Public Sector and Labor Organizing and Leadership. Electives are offered on Saturday afternoon.  Students are asked to choose the electives they wish to be offered in the semester prior to the class being taught.

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For program information or if you would like to discuss MAPL, contact  Matt Musel, the Director of Advocacy and Public Leadership. He is responsible for much of the outward face of the MAPL program, including donor and foundation relations, student recruitment, and program promotion. For more information, you can contact Matt Musel at or 612-735-1890 (cell).

Adrienne Falcon is the Director of the MAPL program and an associate professor (in the Department of Public and Nonprofit Leadership in the College of Community Studies and Public Affairs). She coordinates the internal elements of the program including recruiting faculty, advising students, supporting community faculty in their courses and managing MAPL within the Metro State structure. For more information, you can contact Adrienne Falcon at

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