Advocacy and Political Leadership (MAPL) seeks to create a professional group of ethically grounded advocates and organizers.  It is designed for leaders who have experience with or interest in influencing public policy. Graduates of this program generally go on to positions as local community leaders, labor leaders, government relations specialists in businesses, nonprofit sector policy advocates, inter-governmental relations specialists, political and campaign operatives, lobbyists, elected and appointed officials, and staff to policy makers.  Students come from throughout the region, with many already working in one of the above interest areas.

Cohorts of 15 students form at the beginning of Spring and Fall semesters and progress together through the four semesters required to complete the program. Students may choose to concentrate in one of three fields: Advocacy in the Nonprofit Sector, Advocacy in the Public Sector or Labor Organizing and Leadership. The 40-credit program includes 16 core course credits, 20 concentration or elective course credits, and 4 advocacy internship credits.

10 Reasons Why Students Choose MAPL:

  1. MAPL teaches practical knowledge that you can actually use.

  2. MAPL classes are taught by experts who are leaders in advocacy and organizing.

  3. MAPL teaches students how to achieve political and policy success.

  4. As a weekend program, MAPL lets you get your degree while working full-time.

  5. MAPL brings together individuals who want to make a difference in the world.

  6. MAPL internships shape and refine long-term career goals.

  7. MAPL weekends provide an opportunity for in-depth focus and connection with classmates.

  8. Over 80% of MAPL graduates hold advocacy and organizing positions in nonprofits, labor, business and the public sector.

  9. MAPL is a well-recognized degree in Minnesota’s advocacy community.

  10. MAPL is unique! There isn’t anything quite like it anywhere else in the country.