Metropolitan State University's Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management (MNLM) program prepares students for a wide range of career and leadership opportunities in the nonprofit sector. The state-of-the-art curriculum addresses the most critical challenges faced by nonprofit managers and leaders, program professionals, and directors on nonprofit boards.
The MNLM program is available in three formats: weekly classroom courses, web-enhanced courses in which students alternate meeting in the classroom and online, and courses offered totally online. Students can choose the format they prefer for any course in the program.
The program offers:

  • A broadly based professional degree that demonstrates your ability to lead and manage a broad range of nonprofit organizations and programs.
  • A practical education that equips you to design and manage new ways to address pressing social problems.
  • Preparation to provide ethical leadership within your organization and in the public arena.
  • A learning environment that is enriched by a highly diverse student body and outstanding practitioner scholars.
  • Preparation for work and careers that increasingly cross organizational and sector boundaries.
  • The choice to complete your degree completely on campus, completely online, or in a combination of online and on campus courses.

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The MNLM degree is designed to prepare nonprofit leaders and professionals with a broad-based education to pursue a wide range of opportunities in the nonprofit sector. This degree positions graduates to seek and succeed in leadership roles at all levels of organizational management, including executive director, program director, organizational management, and board leadership. The program is ideally suited for persons interested in starting a nonprofit or pursuing social enterprise options in a business environment. In a world where professionals are increasingly expected to make multiple job changes during their careers and work across the sectors, this degree is a very practical choice that integrates study of nonprofit leadership and management with public and for-profit perspectives.

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