The eight core courses required for the law enforcement major are offered in a cohort schedule in fall and spring semesters. We encourage you to work on your major electives and other requirements during the summer.

You and the members of your cohort will take these classes in the following sequence:

Law Enforcement Major Completion Program Online Course Schedule (27 credits)

First semester

  • CJS 200 Literature in Criminal Justice (3 credits)
  • LAWE 331 Current Issues: Applied Policing within Communities (4 credits)

Second semester

  • CJS 320 Applied Criminology (3 credits)
  • CJS 360 Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice (3 credits)

Third semester

  • LAWE 445 Law Enforcement Leadership - Contemporary Issues (4 credits)
  • CJS 483 Research Seminar in Criminal Justice (3 credits)

Fourth semester

  • CJS 375 Criminal Justice Ethics (3 credits)
  • CJS 490 Criminal Justice Capstone (4 credits)

In August, before the cohort courses begin, you will attend an orientation at Metropolitan State University's School of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice (this is the only time you're required to travel to our campus). You will meet instructors, fellow students, learn about web-based courses and finalize your degree plan with an advisor.


You must make a commitment to complete these courses in sequence with your cohort. If it is necessary to withdraw during the sequence, you will need to re-apply for admission to a subsequent cohort.

Completing Degree Requirements

In addition to the courses above, you must also meet the university's degree requirements (which vary depending on your transcripts). We will help you identify ways to meet these requirements, including online courses at Metropolitan State or other institutions and/or prior learning.

Questions? Contact Mary Schober Martin at 763-657-3751 or