Students who have attended another higher education institution and earned 16+ credits are considered transfer students. There are many important steps to complete as a new transfer student that will plant the seeds for academic success as you move forward.

If you are a new first-year student, visit the first-year student page for information specific to your needs.

Once you are admitted to Metropolitan State, there are several important steps to complete.

  1. Once you receive your login information for the Portal, Minnesota State eServices, e-mail and , set up all accounts. Contact IT Services with login issues. 
  2. Online New Student Orientation (NSO) is required for all students prior to registration. SLC Advisors recommend students attend an on-campus Group Advising and Registration (GAR) session. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to follow-up on your transfer and registration questions. 
  3. All students are required to take Placement Assessments upon admission to Metropolitan State unless you meet exceptions criteria. Complete placements as soon as possible because you will be restricted from registration until they are completed. Contact the Placement Office for more information. 
  4. Review your DARS and complete a Transfer Update Request, if needed for any pending transfer credits that were in progress at time of admission.
  5. Register for courses. We recommend that transfer students first complete general education coursework to lay a solid foundation for your academic career. You should complete your MN Transfer Curriculum writing requirements within your first two semesters at Metropolitan State University are having good writing skills is essential for your major. Additionally, you should complete CJS 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice and CJS 201 Foundations in Criminal Justice within your first semesters are these two courses are pre-requisites for most other major courses. For a registration tutorial video: watch here (requires Adobe Flash). Special requests into closed CJS 101/CJS 201 sections are possible. For questions regarding registration and/or course selection, contact your academic advisor. 
  6. All Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement students are required to attend a Pre-Major Advising Workshop (PAW) prior to being accepted to the major. You may attend a PAW only after having completed NSO and should do so within your first semester. A PAW is a group advising session designed to review your graduation requirements in-depth, important advising information and answer any questions you may have. View upcoming PAW sessions and signup information
  7. You must secure your tuition payment plans by the deadline prior to the start of each semester. If payment is not received by the deadline, your registration will be canceled. Contact Financial Management for securing tuition payment options. 
  8. Books can be purchased each semester at the campus bookstore located in the Library of the St. Paul campus.  Go to the Bookstore's website for store more information. 
  9. It's essential for you to obtain your Student ID card to: access parking ramps o the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses, check out resources from our library, obtain materials through interlibrary Loan service and other Minnesota State libraries, and meet the Brooklyn Park campus requirement that all students carry their Student ID at ALL times. 
  10. As you prepare to transition to Metropolitan State University, it's important to reassess your plans for prioritizing all the things going on in your life: work, family, college, etc. Time management and organization are important skills to master so that you are prepared for class and meeting deadlines. Take advantage of student support services to assist you in having a fulfilling undergraduate experience.
  11. Once you begin your courses at Metropolitan State University, we encourage you to get connected to the university. There are a variety of resources available to assist you in being successful. Be sure to connect with your advisor when you have questions or concerns. 

Now that you have established yourself as a new Transfer student at Metropolitan State University,  visit our Current SLC Student page for next steps.

Please view our FAQs for commonly asked questions by newly admitted students.