The Authority Over and Responsibility For Your Education

College of Individualized Studies is looking for learners who want more than a traditional higher educational experience. The mission of the college is to serve students who want to assume authority over and responsibility for their own educations. In life many of us desire the opportunity to choose the path we take. Our individualized degree programs are based on your needs, your dreams and offer you the possibility of organizing your learning experiences into a meaningful degree plan which reflects those needs and dreams.

In the College of Individualized Studies we value and embrace the tradition upon which Metropolitan State University was founded the central importance of involving students in exploring the meaning of what does it mean to be an educated person. Through that exploration students design individualized degree plans which reflects and fits their personal, educational, and career needs and incorporate past formal college-level learning, and learning achieved outside the classroom.

In the process students come to fully understand the purpose, meaning and benefit of education creating a life changing experience for them, and through them, the larger community.

Our faculty and staff look forward to working with you.

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College of Individualized Studies is located in St. John's Hall on the Saint Paul Campus.