Have you...

  • Found that traditional college majors don’t match your interest or that your interests are too varied to fit into one major?

  • Been in and out of college but still don't have a degree?

  • Been thinking about coming back to college but are afraid to take the first step?

  • Decided you are ready to finish what you started long ago?

If your answers are yes, the Individualized Studies program offered by the College of Individualized Studies is for you.

Our Individualized Degree program offers you a chance to:

  • Design a degree that reflects your educational, personal, and career interest.

  • Take advantage of interdisciplinary learning and to the courses you want. 

  • Transfer credits from other post-secondary institutions and apply them towards a B.A. degree.

  • Use creative learning strategies, including prior learning and our innovative Degree at a Distance program to complete your degree.

  • Finish that education you started, but never quite finished.

Our Individualized Degree program helps you become the life-long learner you need to be in our ever changing world. The faculty and staff of the College of Individualized Studies look forward to working with you.