Keep in Contact

  • Check in with your academic advisor
  • Communicate with course instructors
  • Contact university services that can support you

Visit the Center for Academic Excellence

The Center for Academic Excellence offers tutoring and academic support services to all students. These services include:

Protect Your Academic Record

  • Registration Changes
    Know the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class. For an explanation and important deadlines, see the Registrar’s page and the Academic Events Calendar. Consider consulting your advisor and Financial Aid before making changes.
  • Academic Standing (policy)
    It is vital to remain in good academic standing to register for courses, remain in school, and receive financial aid. Work with your advisor in understanding, gaining, and maintaining good academic standing.
  • Repeating Courses
    To decide whether to repeat a course, please see Repeating Courses and access the Repeat Course Form (.pdf). Consult your advisor if you have questions.
  • Academic preparation and course sequencing
    Consider your academic preparation for courses that you choose. Have you met all course prerequisites? Are you academically prepared to succeed in these courses? Are you taking courses in the correct sequence? 
  • Balancing course load and study time with other commitments
    Students often underestimate the time needed to study outside of class. Consider your obligations to work, family, and community. Plan a minimum time commitment of 3 hours per credit per week outside of class. For example, if you are taking 4 credits, schedule a minimum of 12 hours per week for study. Commit the time it will take to succeed.