Transferring Credits Successfully

  • Consult your Interactive Degree Audit / DARS report which is a degree planning tool for students that includes both transfer and Metropolitan State coursework. You can access your Interactive Degree Audit / DARS report through eServices
  • Know the Graduation Requirements. A summary of this information is available online on the General Education and Liberal Studies (GELS) document.
  • Know the General Education and Liberal Studies Requirements (GELS) (.pdf). This document includes a summary of the GELS requirements as well as an explanation of the requirements (i.e., the ten general education goal areas as defined by the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum). It also lists Metropolitan State University courses meeting specific GELS goal areas.
  • Consider whether a Transfer Credit Appeal is necessary.
  • Students with questions about the transferability of coursework may appeal for a re-evaluation of specific courses. Information about the process and access to the appropriate form is available from the Registrar's Office.
  • Know processes for having transfer coursework evaluated for CLA majors. Please contact your advisor or the relevant department chair for information about each department's procedure for evaluating previous coursework and declaring a major (note: some departments have an admission process for their majors).
  • Be familiar with General Transfer Information.


Visit the Registrar's page for a listing of policies related to registration, including deadlines for dropping, adding, and withdrawing from classes. 

Remember the thirty credits rule

A minimum of thirty credits must be satisfactorily completed before students can register for upper division (300-500 level) courses. This policy has been adopted to help students be more successful by building skills at the 100 and 200 level.

Consult your Diagnostic Assessment results before registering

If you are newly admitted and required to complete the university's diagnostic assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics, consult your placement results before you register. If you have questions about your results, please contact your academic advisor for guidance.