The Design of User Experience (DUeX) minor provides students with knowledge and skills in designing and improving user experience of information products. Courses aim to stimulate design thinking, cultivate an innovative mindset and develop problem-solving skills. The DUeX minor enables students to adopt effective design strategies, research methods and production skills to create user interfaces, websites, content and interactive features that optimize for the best user experience. The technologization of many industries and sectors calls for talented individuals who have specialized skills and communication competencies in making communication technologies work for users.


Course work in the Design of User Experience minor develops skills such as:

  • Understand fundamental concepts in design of user experience
  • Differentiate usability and user experience, testing and design
  • Utilize design thinking in the discovery of design solutions
  • Gather, organize and distill user requirements
  • Adopt effective methods in exploring, analyzing and evaluating design solutions
  • Apply user experience knowledge and skills in major area of study

The DUeX minor can be an excellent complement to an existing degree in computer information technology, marketing, management, writing, communication, psychology and the arts.

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