The Game Studies minor is a 16-credit program that gives students insight into the cultures, ethics, and writing in and around video games. This minor is for students interested in learning how the video games function as rhetorical, technical, symbolic, and interactive medium that influences much of our world. Video games have quickly become the most lucrative and influential entertainment media, as well as an enormous powerhouse in the technology industry. Gaining a deeper understanding of the complex interactions between the games industry, game designers, games themselves, and players is crucial to an understanding of how video games, and all technologies, have and will continue to impact our lives.

This program will:

  • Contextualize the creation and distribution of video games and their complex cultural influences
  • Focus on writing for video games, including narrative, character creation, storytelling, and dialogue
  • Explore the historical and socio-cultural influence of video games and technology in society
  • Offer ethical, political, social, and cultural knowledge and context for those who play, study, or make games